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The Life and Work Of Christie Marie Sheldon

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Christie Marie Sheldon is a world recognized author and intuitive healer. Her commitment lies in helping everyone she meets to remove their energy blocks and to raise their vibration. She has helped many clients to attract unlimited abundance into their own lives from all over the world throughout her career.

Christie Marie Sheldon Portrait

Christie Marie Sheldon bio details indicate that she usually does this through private sessions with each client separately, but in order to try and help even more people, she has come up with several training courses in collaboration with a company called Mindvalley. The overall goal of all these courses is to try and help individuals to review, identify and eliminate all energy blocks which in turn achieves limitless happiness in their lives.

Christie Marie Sheldon uses energy to review and improve your life or treat any particular health condition. She has the ability to eliminate the energy blocks that are derailing you from realizing your goals. These goals can range from resolving issues related to career, marriage, wealth and unlimited abundance.

Christie Sheldon realized she had the power to heal when she was still young. Although she did not know what was happening to her, she knew she had a special gift. People around her started noticing changes in her, but did not treat them as good signs of her development. Some of the predictions she made were bad and as expected, did not go well with people surrounding her, including her mother.

As you can imagine, Christie Marie Sheldon lived her teen years trying, as best as she could, to hide her gift and to treat it as an estranged family member. This continued until about fifteen years ago when something happened to her.

Christie Marie saw beams of light when she entered her living room one evening. The sight and feeling of this almost unlimited power that almost blinded her. The light emanated the frequency that was calming and powerful at the same time. This seemed like a day-dream.

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Christie Marie Sheldon Love Or Above

Christie Marie Sheldon had to close and open her eyes just to confirm that this was real. The she heard the voices of these beings saying they wanted to show her how to help and heal people, but only if she trusted their guidance. The beings vanished and she never saw them again. Although she says that since then she always feels their presence and guidance around her.

Her first client was a middle-aged man who had back pains. He had done everything to try and treat the pains but never succeeded. Christie Marie Sheldon bio energy gift enabled her to analyze his energy patterns and to pull out the the parts that she thought were not supposed to be there, and all through the unlimited power of her visualization.

As Christie Marie Sheldon reviews her experience later, she was not sure what she had done. After two weeks, the man called and told her he had been healed. The man could not sit down for fifteen minutes, but now he could be seated for long periods of time without any problems.

That is when Christie Marie Sheldon knew the unlimited potential of what she had and how it could benefit a lot of people. Since then, Christie Marie has continued healing and helping thousands of folks to better their lives and be more successful.

Christie Marie Sheldon Unlimited Abundance Program

Christie Marie Sheldon Reviews Love Her

Ever since her first healing, she has been a guest speaker at many training seminars and radio stations. Christie Sheldon has since done over 20,000 private consultations with clients from all walks of life including business and political leaders.

Because Christie Marie started receiving requests for even more consultations, she decided to create courses like Love or Above (or as some people call it by mistake “Love and Above”) and  Unlimited Abundance Program. Christie Marie Sheldon created her latest course to be based on the “24 abundance blocks” that everyone should learn about and be aware of.

These kinds of courses and training materials, including numerous Christie Marie Sheldon YouTube videos, enables her to share the knowledge and to reach out to more than one person at the time. In this way Christie Marie Sheldon continues to change the lives and treat thousands of people every day.

Christie Marie Sheldon Reviews and Unlimited Abundance Program

As we mentioned earlier, Christie Marie Sheldon has partnered with Mindvalley to produce the training course called “Unlimited Abundance”.

This is a multi-session program that will help you identify and recognize the energy blocks that are preventing you from realizing your goals and living the life you have always desired.

Christie Marie Sheldon designed the Unlimited Abundance program to teach students about specific 24 unlimited abundance blocks and how to deal with them – regardless what they might be manifested as to each person individually.

In this Christie Marie Sheldon YouTube video, the editor of MindValley Academy (created by Vishen Lakhiani), is interviewing Christie Marie about specific aspects of “24 Abundance Blocks”.

You owe it to yourself to at least check out the latest works from Christie Marie Sheldon and see the impact her teachings will have on you!



Christie Marie Sheldon Explains 24 Abundance Blocks

In this video Christie Marie Sheldon explains how and why the 24 abundance blocks have direct and measurable effect on your unlimited abundance. See other Christie Marie's videos below:

New Launch In November 2021! Unblock Your Abundance In 2022! Experience Christie Marie Sheldon’s Legendary FREE Webinar (Click Here To Register) And If You Like It, Order Right Now And Get 70% OFF The Original Course Package!