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Christie Marie Sheldon Private Sessions

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Christie Marie Sheldon is a charismatic person who believes that each person has personal energy and that energy has its own frequency that can be manipulated to improve one’s everyday existence. She has stated that it is her intention to help as many people as she can to change their vibration to one closer to the state of unlimited abundance or at least more suited to the person’s goals and desires.

Christie Marie also suggests that you should work on your mind and the thoughts and conversations you have with yourself, which affect your private attitude and the actions you take. She will work with you to clear away blocks that have built up and use her abilities to help improve your personal energy frequency.

Christie Marie Sheldon Private Sessions – The Insights To Achieve Your Dreams!

In the Christie Marie Sheldon Private Sessions you will learn about the overall look of your life in its current state. She will explore with you how easily things come into your field of awareness and how successfully you navigate your way through it. During your sessions, you will learn there is genuine scientific and academic proof to back up her claims.

Dr. David Hawkins revealed in his book called “Power vs. Force” that as he met with and examined more and more patients that he was able to effectively predict the quality of their lives based on the vibration levels that resonated from their energy. He used kinesiology and testing of muscle to measure where on this scale you live.

It is possible to test the frequency of anything on earth to determine where it is on the overall scale of vibrations. Feelings like fear, guilt and grief measure low on the scale from 40 to 100. It might surprise many to learn that anger measures higher on the scale because with it comes energy and while anger long term is negative, there is a certain usefulness that anger can bring to get someone going when they are down.

Courage measures around 200 on the scale whereas acceptance and forgiveness come in at 350. A vision imagined in the mind over and over measures in the 500’s as does love and joy.

In the Christie Marie Sheldon Private Sessions, your goal will be to learn how to get your vibration levels above 500 and by so doing enable you to heal and to begin to attract those things you most want into your life. Ms. Sheldon says that one of the ways she will help you is that she will vibrate at the frequency you would need to attract what you want in life. If you want to heal, or to love, then Christie would match that frequency in herself to help you to do so.

One Of Christie Marie Sheldon Private Sessions

One of Live Christie Marie Sheldon Private Sessions

Christie Marie Sheldon has found that when a client has many negative thoughts, that once she works one-on-one with them in a private setting to clear those, that their personal energy quickly begins to rise. She has found that most that come for her private sessions are blocked and unable to unblock themselves without her personal assistance.

Christie Marie has worked with divorced clients, those who have lost businesses and those that just never seem to get what they want no matter how close they come to it. She has successfully worked with all of these situations. In one such case, a woman who had been divorced could not successfully attract suitable men into her life. Instead, she kept getting all the wrong ones come to her. After attending a few Christie Marie Sheldon private sessions, she soon had the perfect guy come into her awareness.

Reading book after book is usually a good start, but not enough to make this kind of change. If you made a choice to get unblocked, you should try one of Christie's online programs, like Love Or Above and Unlimited Abundance Program. These programs on their own might create the desired changes in you. And then you always have an option to book your own private sessions with Christie Marie.

During these sessions with Christie Marie Sheldon you will not only be coached on making the necessary changes, but you will also benefit from Christie’s ability to change her frequency to match the one you are wanting to achieve. This will speed things up and help to ensure that the change happens.

Christie Marie Sheldon Private Sessions - Unlimited Abundance ProgramChristie Marie Sheldon explains that we all have those things in our lives that played a major role in influencing our patterns of thinking and being. Most of these are infused in us by the time we are five to seven years old. It is from birth to those ages that we are most open to influence.

Most of the time, those around you have good intention, but still expose you to thinking and being that are opposite of what you would want to be. The most talked about is the quest to achieve unlimited abundance which eludes most of us!

Very often we are not aware that it has happened to us. For most people, the idea that your frequency of energy has been exposed to negative influences that has set that frequency to bring more negative forces into your life, is just something they would never have thought of. These one-on-one private meetings with Christie Marie Sheldon tend to bring up these deeply hidden negative energies so that they can be effectively resolved.

As skeptical as many clients are when they come to see Christie Marie Sheldon in person, the immediate changes that occur in their lives remove that skepticism after signing up for one of Christie Marie Sheldon private sessions. If you want to improve your intuition, make life changes that are sustainable, and discover how to achieve your most cherished life goals, then consider signing up and taking advantage of one or more Christie Marie Sheldon Private Sessions!


New Launch In November 2021! Unblock Your Abundance In 2022! Experience Christie Marie Sheldon’s Legendary FREE Webinar (Click Here To Register) And If You Like It, Order Right Now And Get 70% OFF The Original Course Package!

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